Frequently Asked Questions.

If you ordered the wrong product or size, you can return any unopened products for an exchange or refund within 60 days. Simply include a copy of your invoice with a short note stating what you want and return to:

Hapad, Inc
PO Box 6
Bethel Park, PA   15102

Yes! All Hapad products are 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused merchandise within 60 days for full credit – No Questions Asked!

It is normally difficult to find our products since few stores are able to stock such a wide assortment of products and sizes. If your physician does not stock Hapad products, we will be happy to help you.

Hapad products are intended to become a permanent part of the shoe. The adhesive is intentionally “sticky” so that they will not slip in the shoe once you or your physician has properly placed the pad. To remove the pads, begin at one end of the pad and use your thumb to roll the pad loose. Do not try pulling or lifting the pad out of the shoe. The adhesive was made to “peel” loose. Once the pad is removed from the shoe, roll away any leftover adhesive before replacing the shoe with a new pad.

Hapad products should last the life of the shoe. Of course this is dependent upon your weight, occupation and physical activities. Generally, when your feet begin to feel tired or painful again… it is time to replace your Hapad insert since you have probably lost some support.

No. Hapad products are designed to comfortably fit in your regular shoes. We offer a broad assortment of pads so that you or your physician may choose the right style of pad to fit your favorite pairs of shoes. Sports Replacement Insoles fit shoes with a removable insole.

Hapad soft orthotics are a medically designed, proven effective, affordable alternative to costly custom orthotics and “quick-fix” drug store remedies. These unique, patented foot cushions give firm support and establish proper alignment of the foot so you can enjoy total comfort while standing, walking or running.

Note: Hapad products are designed to be placed in the shoe, not directly on the foot. When painful foot problems persist, seek the advice of your foot care specialist.